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The export function/action does not appear to generate any data no matter where it's used on the site. Background: We upgraded from 0.9.1 to 0.9.6 for PHP compatibility reasons. Previously, before upgrading, we were able to export to CSV candidates in a posting, select candidates, or lists. Now, when we export candidates or lists it creates a CSV file with only the column headers (e.g., first name, last name, email, etc.) and no row data. The same things happens whether you select export ALL under a list of SELECTED; it makes no difference. Help! :-)

System: PHP 7.2.34 & MySQL 5.7.23-23

So far, everything else seems to work wonderfully. Initially, we couldn't see any data until after we implemented the tip about adding candidate_duplicates to the database. The upgrade engine doesn't add that table for some reason. Other than that, and the above CSV issue, so far so good.

Initially I can't reproduce this on my test system, I get an export as expected. What I would say is that we use MariaDB and not MySQL - and I know recent versions do give slightly different results. So please try MariaDB?

my test system packages;
mariadb-server/focal-security,focal-updates,now 1:10.3.25-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 all [installed]
php7.2/focal,now all [installed]

Good morning and thank you for checking on this. I don't have the flexibility in my shared hosting environment to switch DB's. I wish I did but.....can we pass this on to the code benders to see if this is a MySQL issue? We use exports often from the platform for a host of reasons so this feature is been really important to us. I appreciate your help!


so have had a frustrating morning blowing away MariaDB 10.2 and installing MySQL (which in my repo is MySQL 8).. it really does not want to do that. Lots of manual file deletions needed!

Anyway - what I found after reinstalling opencats was that it really doesn't work at-all. I can add job orders, candidates, but they don't then show-up in the list of candidates, or in the job portal. Don't seem to be any errors in the mysql query log, so it'll just be some fundamental divergence between MariaDB and MySQL. At this stage - if it's working for you, fantastic but don't upgrade from MySQL 5.7 - as it seems the divergence only gets worse in MySQL 8. We only test on MariaDB in the Travis CI, so reluctantly I suspect you can't have your CSV export easily unless you move to MariaDB.

You may want to check if it's the 'infamous' MySQL 5.7 strict mode change though? ... rict-mode/

I believe 0.9.4-3 was possibly the last version tested with MySQL (would have to check the release notes)

If you really need to stay on MySQL and not MariaDB, you can of course write whatever query you need into a script and execute it so that you get your export into a file or via email but just not through the opencats app.

..but that's a fairly ancient version of MySQL now so I suspect you'll be upgraded soon so best to get onto MariaDB sooner rather than later!

That sounds really frustrating. In the shared hosting environment, my hands are a tad tied here. I do know that I had to follow the directions here to solve the candidate problem. There is a missing table that needed to be added; it took a few seconds to accomplish in phpMyAdmin but fixed us right up. Now, the only gremlin we have left is the CSV export.

This post helped us out immensely - viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1724


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