What do you want to see in OpenCATS? What the must-have, useful feature that's missing? Is it major redesign or a small tweak? Share here and we can doscuss, agree, add to the roadmap.

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1) It will be nice to have a dash board to advertise job orders to open public, so that applicants can walk-in for interviews on specified dates.
2) Is it possible to have a self service for applicants? create their account, apply for a job order and upload their resume.

(1) is simple, wont need any security measures. Just display what is in the database. (2) is fancy, needs strong protection against spammers and attackers.


if you want a dashboard you can either enable the 'Career Portal' for the 'list of all jobs' or use the XML / RSS feed to populate your own jobs list someplace.

You'd need to enable the careers portal if you want online applicants to register, submit etc. This can be wrapped in an iFrame for your website, or there's a Drupal component to integrate to your opencats backend. There's no wordpress component that'll support registration and job application, although you can use e.g. wordpressjobmanager to poll and parse the rss feed, but appications wouldn't integrate into opencats, it'd be via email submission.

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