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Thanks RussH,
The ssl is enabled in config.php
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/* If you have an SSL compatible server, you can enable SSL for all of CATS. */
define('SSL_ENABLED', true); 
Opencats 0.9.6 is hosted in ubuntu environment.

As said in above charts are working well in the localhost.
RussH wrote: 09 Feb 2023, 17:13 Just built a quick test instance on Ubuntu 20.04 - I assume it's this graph?

Unfortunately it seems entirely fine!
Thanks RussH,
Charts working well in the local host, the problematic message " Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'LinearGradient' not found in /var/www/html/opencats/modules/graphs/GraphsUI.php:450 " prompt in AWS hosted version only.
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By RussH
Hi, sorry but I can run my local version with https and access it from anywhere online without issues... so I suspect thi smay be an issue with the packages in your AWS instance?
When charts are not showing when using HTTPS, it is likely due to a mixed content issue. This occurs when a webpage is loaded securely over HTTPS but includes resources, such as images or scripts, that are served over an insecure HTTP connection. Browsers often block these insecure resources to protect the security and privacy of users.

To fix this issue, make sure all the resources used by your charts (images, scripts, etc.) are also loaded over HTTPS. Update the URLs of these resources to use the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. This ensures that everything on your webpage is loaded securely, and your charts should then be displayed properly.
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