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dear Moderator, can I get Opencats installed on PHP latest version 8.2. Best regards Kiran Kulkarni
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By RussH
Hi Kiran,

OpenCATS is built and tested against PHP 7.2 only ( There is no testing against PHP 8.x yet.

If you cannot run php 8.x on your system, then please consider a docker installation.
Hi RussH, is there any change of opencats being compatible to latest PHP version so that I can make use of my centos stream 9 machine for opencats?

Regards Kiran
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By RussH
HI Kiran

I do have a PHP 8.2 compatible version I'm working on with basic functionality in the app but I've not verified everything is operational yet - file uploads, candidate dedupe, career portal etc. It's a low priority I return to every few weeks as real life intrudes! Once it move along a little, I'll share it as a beta for others to test too.

By rachelgeller2
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