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By Ariel Silva
Hi Guys,

I'm having difficults to complete the install on Ubuntu 22.04 when try to connect with mySQL. I got this message:

Cannot connect to database.
The server requested authentication method unknown to the client
One or more tests failed. Please correct the errors and try again.
If you have any questions, visit the OpenCATS forums at

If I try by command line or using the mySQL Workbench I can connect to the database with out any problem.

Any ideas?!?!

Thanks in advance.
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By RussH
Morning, please can you check you'vre running the dependencies specified here;
- i.e. mariadb 10.6 max , php7.2 max, MariaDB NOT MySQL.

This very much sounds like the changed defaults in recent MySQL versions - see ... he-client/

But this will resolve when you use MariaDB rather than MySQL.

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