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I tried following the installation instructions as outlined in the documentation, but the link to download the program in the Mac section is expired/doesn't work. Is there a current version of openCATS for mac users that I can download?
I have a client on v0.9.4 and would like to update it to the latest to plug some security holes and change to https. When preparing to do so, I found that MySQL is no longer supported and it's now MariaDB. My hosting provider does not offer MariaDB.

Are the two compatible enough to continue using MySQL or no?
Hi Kevin,

MySQL isn't deeply incompatible, it's just the out of the box defaults have changed - so it behaves differently from expected.. even down to how it sorts. MariaDB still behaves. If you were very persistent you can probably get MySQL to behave.. but simpler for the project to standardise just on MariaDB

If you have to stick on MySQL you can probably get to v0.9.6 but I'd recommend reviewing subsequent XSS changes and backporting them - htmlspecialchars on public-facing form fields as a minimum. Also check security on uploads/attachment folders; ... -.htaccess

All-in-all, I'd go to with MariaDB and php 7.2.

Thank you for sharing the installation resources for OpenCATS! I appreciate the guidance. I’ll make sure to go through the materials thoroughly.

By the way, if you have any additional tips or tricks, feel free to share them—I'm always looking for ways to optimize the process. Also, I noticed the reference to QQ333BET in the documentation; can you clarify its significance?
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