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Hi Team,

I am brand new to OpenCATS and I am trying to install the available version of OpenCATS-0.9.4-3 on Windows Server 2012 running PHP version 8.2.12. I have installed XAMPP and all other prerequisites. When I ran the installation wizard, I got lots of $data{0} errors that I fixed by changing it to $data[0]. Finally, I got to the page to start the installation but now I am stuck at the below error:
PHP MySQL extension (mysql) is not loaded.
Check your settings in php.ini.

Under certain Linux / BSD distributions, the PHP MySQL extension is a separate package.

Debian: Run "apt-get install php5-mysql" and restart your webserver.

FreeBSD: Install the php5-mysql port, or configure MySQL support in the php-extensions port and restart your webserver.
I tried loading the mysql extension in php.ini as extension=mysql and restarted the Apache service but the error is still there.

Looking for some immediate help friends.

Open the php.ini file:
This file is usually located in the php directory of your XAMPP installation, for example, C:\xampp\php\php.ini.
Enable MySQLi Extension:
Find and enable the MySQLi extension by removing the semicolon (;) at the beginning of the line:
Change it to:
Restart Apache:
After saving the changes to php.ini, restart the Apache server from the XAMPP Control Panel to apply the changes.
To confirm that the MySQLi extension is loaded:
Create a PHP Info File:
Create a new file named phpinfo.php in your web directory (C:\xampp\htdocs\) with the following content:
Access the PHP Info Page:
Open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost/phpinfo.php.
Look for the mysqli section to verify that the MySQLi extension is enabled and loaded.
Additional Tips:
Check for Compatibility: Ensure that the version of OpenCATS you are using is compatible with PHP 8.2.12. Some older software may have compatibility issues with newer PHP versions.
Database Connection: Double-check your database connection settings in OpenCATS configuration files to ensure they match your MySQL server settings.
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