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This is the "import from resume" feature for adding a candidate. Does not work from pasted txt, docs, docx, or pdf.

Everything green on install (including resume parsers, etc...)
everything else working:

General Information
Operating System: Linux cats-lamp 5.15.0-105-generic #115-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 15 09:52:04 UTC 2024 x86_64
Operating System Type: CATS thinks your operating system is UNIX.
PHP Version:
Database Version: MySQL 8.0.36-0ubuntu0.22.04.1
Installation Directory: /var/www/html/opencats
I just did a fresh Windows install this morning, and when I try to import a resume, I get the SAME error. Everything else works properly. I followed the instructions exactly, but I only got the same error when I tried to import resumes. Please help. I really want to use opencats, but I need the ability to import resumes.geometry dash I was trying to import a.doc resume.

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