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Thank you Dveos for your reply and help. I have followed your instructions but am still not able to send emails.

Do you think this might have something to do with the fact that I am asking the system to use SSL while Outlook states that its standard SMTP encryption method is STARTTLS?


By dveos
I did see that you could try tls and see if that makes a difference, if that doesn't work I would try different combinations of ssl / tls with authentication set as 'true' too :)
I have implemented the changes suggested by dveos and RussH and am delighted to say that:

The test email now works

The status change template emails work

Attempting to send emails via the Candidates Home Page 1 List does not work, however this is not an issue as the system enables me to select and download them to a spreadsheet and I can send a manual email from that.

My sincere thanks to RussH and dveos for all your time spent on this and I hope that this will help others who I can see have experienced the same issue.

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