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Documentation updates/additions are underway!
* The linux install script is updated and working for Ubuntu 18.04
* The Windows install section is updated and current.
* The shared hosting section is updated and current.
* I have removed Debian and CentOS installation.
* Will try to add/update for Ubuntu 20.04 within the next week.

Any feedback, thoughts, requests....or typo corrections would be greatly appreciated!
It's mostly a time issue. I'm trying to keep things focused more where the bulk of the users are. Ubuntu for linux, Windows (of course), Mac, shared hosting. I still want to get some docker documentation up there and a digitelocean droplet. Most Centos users are pretty technical.

If you have issues working through an install, feel free to post and we'll try to help.
Thank you!

We are going to install on CentOS server and the installation tutorial on Youtube was from 3 years ago, also the documentation for CentOS is not available. Just wonder if it still supports!
If you use centos 7,everything should be the same. If you use the Current version, you'll have to track down php5. But the install shouldn't be too different.

I believe there's an install script for centos7 on github. That should be enough to work from.

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