What do you want to see in OpenCATS? What the must-have, useful feature that's missing? Is it major redesign or a small tweak? Share here and we can doscuss, agree, add to the roadmap.

Moderators: RussH, cptr13

I setup OpenCATS for my small organization (4 users) but users are reluctant primarily because it is too time consuming to import profiles from linkedin. What is your experience, have you found ways to facilitate this?

I'm afraid I'll have to switch to a paid product because of that one feature missing.

and I think you're really making a feature request rather than a cry for help. However - there's a Google Chrome greasemonkey script that did this - I don't use it and it may need updated. I f you do use it and update it - please contribute the changes back to the project.

https://github.com/mlespiau/opencats-ta ... -goodiesau

This script was hardcoded for the author's AWS instance, you will need to change the target etc.
Thank you Russ. I was wondering if people had found hacks / workarounds to speed the import of a profile, not just asking for a new feature :-)

I'm sufficiently geeky to setup OpenCATS on a VPS but I'm no developer so tweaking the script is unfortunately beyond my abilities :-(

I appreciate the quick response

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