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I used cats a lot in 2006/7 when I ran a recruitment business before the banks crashed.
I loved it then after trying a heavyweight slow cumbersome paid thing. It still is nice and sharp if a bit jaded in appearance, but thats simple to change. I haven't seen the up to date version yet, The demo as you probably know doesn't work.
I got lots of customisation done and extra scripts. Still not sure if they are in the version I am installing, but Id rather not lose them.
One used to parse cvs and extract metadata
I just did a basic install on a virtual directory with php 5.6 .
It runs but some things are still broken.,
It seems to be mostly ajax that fails.
I used to be a developer but getting on and not been active since then.

Should I just hum to the latest version?
What's changed over the years?
Is my custom php likely to work again if I find it?

Any suggestions would really appreciated.
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