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Create a new recruiter

Posted: 25 Mar 2023, 18:10
by TSTech79
Hello Everyone,

How do you create a new recruiter in OpenCats? I am new and very green to PHP and OpenCats. Would someone please help me with a simple broken-down step-by-step process so, I can learn how to do it?

Thank you for your help.

Re: Create a new recruiter

Posted: 28 Mar 2023, 09:29
by RussH
HI there, absolutely right - we haven't maintained a 'how to use it'. There's an old guide here which is useful at a high level - note some features may have changed. ... kGuide.pdf

Otherwise - the how to add a recruiter is simply you logging in as an administrator, then navigating to settings/administration/user management/ add new user.