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We have completed work on a multi-lingual Jobsboard which uses openCATS as the backend.

I am interested to receive comments and requests about how we could make it available to the community, what languages we should support (currently, English, Spanish and German), what facilities people would expect to see on the Jobsboard. We added multi-lingual CV's to Candidates and multi-lingual Job Specifications to Joborders. This involved some alteration of the Templates for these two modules and additions to the MySQL Tables. I am interested to know how we could store this modified version in the SVN system. Equally I am worried about management of upgrades.

However most of the additional facilities are managed by our own multi-lingual content management system that we use to build our websites. Candidates can Register through the Jobsboard and subsequently manage their Registrations and multi-lingual CV's using secure PinCode access. Employers can Register through the Jobsboard and receive a secure PinCode (after payment arrangements are made) which will allow them to place Joborders. Public Joborders are advertised on the Jobsboard. The single language Title and Summary are replaced by multi-lingual replacements and augmented with a multi-lingual Job Specification. Searches by Candidates for Jobs are supported by our unique multi-lingual Job and CV attribute system.

Having made this investment in a Front End, I am concerned about major changes in creating an OpenCATS or openATS and would certainly want to be involved in the specification of any replacement.

We have used our own Cliqon Lite CMS and Website toolset to create the front end. We are thinking about ways to make this toolset available on an open source this basis whilst obtaining revenue by some proper means from the activity. Any thoughts would be welcomed.

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