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by montievv
18 Dec 2008, 14:33
Forum: OpenCATS Talk
Topic: login
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Re: login

Most Likely the username is admin and password is cats. If this is not the case, you have to check your database for the username and password 1) you'll have to log in to your mysql console use a command which goes something like this: Command/shell Prompt> mysql -u root Or Command/shell Prompt> mys...
by montievv
18 Dec 2008, 13:30
Forum: Cries for Help!
Topic: Wrong date on Activities
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Wrong date on Activities

Hi, Occasionally when we enter activities the date resets to either 12-06-2009 or some random date in 2010. All system dates are correct (Client machines as well as CATS server) We use UK format i.e. DD-MM-YY Please help!!! Other Info: We are 30 recruiters using CATS since version 0.6.1 upgraded alo...
by montievv
23 Nov 2008, 10:19
Forum: Cries for Help!
Topic: Backups Fail
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Re: Backups Fail

i get the same error. my database size is above 1 GB. Attachments size is way beyond. What I have figured is that this happens when your db and attachments are too big to handle. Basically it creates the catsbackup.sql and catsbackup.sql.n files but cant make zip utility combine attachments still tr...
by montievv
15 May 2008, 08:51
Forum: User Customisations - share 'em here!
Topic: How I upgraded - phew!!!
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How I upgraded - phew!!!

Older version - CATS Version 0.7.1 (Sutlej) Upgrade to - 0.9.x Tried the web based upgrade. Gave me a blank index page after final step. :? Tried a couple of times again. Am not a hacker/programmer, but realized :idea: it must be those custom fields which were causing the problem. Deleted all the cu...
by montievv
21 Apr 2008, 11:28
Forum: OpenCATS Talk
Topic: CATS OS users releasing steam
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Re: CATS users

count me into this list... have been using cats since 0.6 release can post about challenges faced by us technology wise and how we overcame them... i.e. if these kind of discussions are encouraged. I think the real challenge here is building the open source community from scratch. Can put in some ti...