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By girish_vee
i have successfully Installed CatsOne 0.9.1 on WAMP. After Installation, I am not able to login to catsone at localhost/catsone-0.9.1. The user name root and password blank and database cats has been used during installation.

Please help.

By montievv
Most Likely the username is admin and password is cats. If this is not the case, you have to check your database for the username and password

1) you'll have to log in to your mysql console
use a command which goes something like this:
Command/shell Prompt> mysql -u root
Command/shell Prompt> mysql -u databaseuser -p

2) Enter your database user password when/if prompted

3) select your database (most likely it will be cats)
mysql> use databasename;
mysql> use cats;

4) display usernames and passwords
mysql> select user_name,password from user;

This should display all your users and passwords.

Hope this helps
By girish_vee
Thanks. It worked. UID admin PID cats.

But now I got stuck with License. Do I have to purchase a license. Is Cats not a free product anymore?
Please guide.

By Jos
Search the forum, there is a license key written which works perfectly and you can use
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By RussH
Jos wrote:Search the forum, there is a license key written which works perfectly and you can use
If you installed the opencats-0.9.1a version it contains some very minor updates one of which includes pre-populating the license key with a valid Open Source cats license. ... .1a.tar.gz
By dayrunner12001
Initially I upgraded to cats0.9.1 from cats0.8
I have just upgraded to opencats-0.9.1a from cats0.9.1 .

I also was able to download the CATS tool bar but ,I am not getting the "Add Canditates to CAT" option in the toolbar.
Attached image is what I am getting
Please let me know how to get that option as well


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