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By CatDev
I created three customized extra field for the canditdates. These Information can be seen in opencats, but when I look into mySQL workbench I cant see a relationship between these extra fields and the candidates. How are they connected or how (with what keys) can I connect them?
the extra fields table (e.g. for Candidates) will have a 'Data_Item_ID' field. This is your candidate ID. you can join the two tables based on a match of this field.
Thanks a lot! That makes so much sense of Course.
Unfortunately the Format isnt the same as for example:
Date Available:
Current Employer:
Key Skills:
Can Relocate:
Current Pay:
Desired Pay:

I would like to delete These Features and replace them with the ones in the extra field table.
Can you please give me a hint how to proceed on that?
Personally - I wouldn't delete them, I'd just hide them in the candidate view so the user doesn't see them.
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