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Hey guys,

we are currently testing your software and like it a lot so far. I got asked yesterday if it is possible to rename certain fields in the Candidates tab. For example the existing field: 'Website' to LinkedIn. Or 'State' to Country.
I have found this thread to rename tabs, but not fields. (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=414&hilit=rename+tab#p1586)
Our installation is on a Linux-host and via the command 'grep' I checked for some fields and can see occurrences in the template fields in $CATS_ROOT/modules/Candidates/Add.tpl or Edit.tpl. Changing these works well when adding or editing a candidate, but we are ultimately looking for having these changed in the overview (when clicking on the Candidates-tab) as well. Any help appreciated!

Yes it is possible. But you have to dug into the source as you did already and make the changes on several places.
I've translated Opencats to the Dutch language and used Windows Grep and Notepad++ as tools.
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