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By makavelli12
Hi All,

has anyone come across this error:

When I click on a job order, and try to export the candidates that are in the pipleline for this job, I get the error "Failed - Network error".

Hope someone can advise/help.


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By RussH
Hey Mak,

sorry, just tested this on the demo site at and it's working fine. So possibly it's an issue unique to your deployment. Do you have further errors in your apache (or nginx) errors log?
By makavelli12
Hi Russ,

I have OpenCATS setup on shared hosting, and have checked the cpanel for where I can find any errors relating to OpenCATS, but unfortunately, I am either blind or have no clue where to look..... probably both!!!

If you have experience of this setup, maybe you can tell me where I should look.


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By RussH
Hi Mak,

please check your apache access.log and your errors.log for entries during the export process

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