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By screenmates
I just installed OSATS and saw 2 problems already:

1. Database name is hardcoded as OSATS.

2. There is no support for table prefixes so we can install the tables in an existing database of another application.

The above are a must for any open source software to become successful and hope you would come up with these features.

3. Sphinx path is hardcoded. This should be configurable so we could use an existing Sphinx installation. Further, it seems like Sphinx 0.9.8 is supplied but 0.9.9 is out with more features.

4. There is no logo support in the header. Without a logo, it would not look like an application :(

5. Dashboard tab is placed to the far right and the About tab to the far left. At first, I was confused if I was running the app in right-to-left mode but I was not! Even a Windows app has the convention that the About box appears in the Help menubar at the far right, not far left. Can we remove the About tab, is it necessary?

6. I hope you would implement the friendly SugarCRM-like menus (jQuery?) even though commercial CATS menus at catsone are not as friendly as SugarCRM's.

7. I uploaded a resume but it ran into an error while parsing and did not complete parsing. Error screenshot attached. I pasted the resume content and clicked the parse icon - it parsed just 2 fields - email and phone number :(

8. When I clicked the Remove link, it cleared the resume from the textarea/screen but did not delete the file from the uploads folder.

9. I copied a resume to massimport folder and tried mass import but it bombed saying none of the files could be imported.

10. We need a UI to upload resumes to massimport folder from within the app.

11. There is no way to delete a candidate.

12. Add candidate added 2 rows - duplicate data.

13. Got connection errors while adding a contact, etc.

What is the roadmap of OSATS? Is it currently stable? What modules are non-functional?
error-add-contact-company.png (37.54 KiB) Viewed 2027 times
postal-code-lookup-error.png (38.63 KiB) Viewed 2026 times
parse-resume-error.png (100.23 KiB) Viewed 2027 times
By screenmates
vBulletin stores all files, images, attachments in the database. I noticed OSATS stores them on the physical disk creating folders, etc. It would be ideal and powerful to store them in the database.

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