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I'm doing some database pruning and I'm running into a problem. I did a bulk import a long time ago, and many of the resumes were not turned into candidates because CATS was unable to detect the necessary information. When doing candidate searches, these resumes show up under "bulk import". We've determined we can remove all of these entries, so I'm going to Settings->Administration->Data import, and I see this:


When I click the Delete Documents button, I'm taken to this error page:


My MySQL-fu is weak...any suggestions/help on how I can get these documents deleted?

definitely a coding error as
Stored on S3
refers to the current SAAS CATS version which uses Amazon S3 as its backend. I'd suggest taking a look at either the CATS code or just adding the 'Stored on S3' field to your MySQL db. When I get some time, I'll take a look at the current code in the repo, too - as I don't believe this should be in there.

I'm in the process of moving some of the OpenCATS code development/administration over to an Assembla workspace, so please raise (the first!) ticket at;

I'd encourage you to create an account at Assembla first, otherwise you will not receive email notifications when action is taken on your ticket.


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